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Cast Interview for 3 Body Problem: This isn’t your typical tale of extraterrestrial invasion

<p>The dread of the unknown is the most basic of all anxieties. And what is more enigmatic than the boundless, unfathomable nothingness of space? And what if, out of that emptiness, a sophisticated extraterrestrial race materializes to establish contact with humanity? The Three-Body Problem, a popular sci-fi book by Cixin Liu, will soon be adapted for Netflix. The show uses the unsettling prospect of an extraterrestrial encounter to discuss human dilemmas, even though myths about alien invasions are as ancient as film itself.</p>
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<p>According to Jovan Adepo, “The really cool thing about the show is that we don’t even show or talk about the aliens themselves.” It lets the viewers use their own imagination, and sometimes your own imagination may frighten you more than anything we could ever depict. John Bradley adds, “This is precisely the strength of the series,” in accord with this idea. “I believe that 3 Body Problem will cause us to rethink and readjust how we perceive tales about extraterrestrial invasions. A common trope in extraterrestrial fiction is that the aliens are always the evil guys, driven by a nihilistic quest to exterminate humanity. The program and the book, in my opinion, approach things from somewhat different angles. This dread of the unknown may stem from our preconceived notions about individuals from different nations rather than from an alien race.</p>
<p>The actors Jess Hong, Alex Sharp, and Eiza Gonzalez portray the Oxford Five, a close-knit group of bright academics who unintentionally get enmeshed in humanity’s reaction to the extraterrestrial menace, in addition to John Bradley and Jovan Adepo. Bradley’s observation that the plot is a metaphor for our innate tendency to dread the unknown is echoed by Jess Hong, who also asserts that the program is more about humans than aliens. The fact that this series is not your typical alien invasion program like Doctor Who, where all these monsters come to harm mankind, is perhaps what I appreciate most about it. 3 Body Problem is really about mankind. It use our collective reaction to an extraterrestrial danger as a prism to illustrate the many ways in which humans react to fear, and I find it to be highly philosophical and dramatic.</p>
<p>Liam Cunningham, who portrays Thomas Wade, the affluent and charming head of Earth’s planetary defense, and Benedict Wong, who plays investigative officer Da Shi, highlight the irony of producing a series about an unidentified danger to mankind during the COVID-19 epidemic. “It was really terrifying to film this during the Covid outbreak because we had no idea how virulent it could be or if it would develop into something that could wipe out humanity.” People were split by it, claims Liam Cunningham. “The very structure of the story is the fear of not knowing what to do about the threat, that we experienced during the pandemic,” continues Benedict Wong. While some cast members, like Alex Sharp, took a more direct approach by delving into the source material, others linked to the plot via actual occurrences. “The story makes you uncomfortable, so after finishing the book, I put it down and started thinking about the themes while I stared out the window.” It is a contemporary retelling of existential dread tales by HP Lovecraft. I felt uneasy about it,” he adds. Bradley discusses how human behavior is reflected in this fear of a cosmic menace. In an attempt to protect ourselves, we are hardwired to see everyone who is different from us in any manner as an enemy. The series and book do a great job of demonstrating how this is simply a weird fear we all have and that it could be better for everyone if we could just be a little more tolerant of those who are different from us.</p>
<p>Delving further into the show’s main idea, Cunningham notes that 3 Body Problem, like any great science fiction, may be read as a warning to mankind. There’s always a chance that our species may face an existential danger. And after that, there’s a very real chance that we’ll turn against one another. You face a challenge from inside in addition to one from beyond. As far as we know, cooperation is the only thing that will allow our species to survive. If not, extinction is what lies ahead for us,” Liam Cunningham ends on a foreboding tone.</p>

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