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B L Kashyap champions gender equality in the construction sector by hiring 50% women junior engineers, ensuring women have equal representation in engineering roles

B L Kashyap champions gender equality in the construction sector by hiring 50% women junior engineers, ensuring women have equal representation in engineering roles


New Delhi…March 4, 2024…B L Kashyap & Sons Limited (BSE: 532719 NSE: BLKASHYAP), one of the leading Civil Engineering and Construction Company is promoting gender equality and bridging the gap in the construction sector by hiring equal number of women junior engineers during campus placements. For the company, women currently account for almost 50% of fresher intake, based on merit without bias. This has marked a noteworthy milestone in their journey towards achieving an equitable workplace in a traditionally male-dominated bastion. The company’s commitment to fostering an inclusive work environment reflects a broader societal shift toward acknowledging and nurturing the potential of women in the engineering industry.

Traditionally, the civil engineering, construction sector has been predominantly male-dominated, with women often underrepresented in technical roles. However, B L Kashyap’s recent initiative challenges this norm by actively seeking out and empowering aspiring women junior engineers, many of whom hail from marginalized backgrounds. This significant change not only demonstrates the company’s progressive mindset but also highlights the untapped talent pool that exists among women in the infrastructure sector.

Shruti Choudhari, Director Projects & Strategy, B L Kashyap & Sons said, “On this International Women’s Day, let’s honour diversity and inclusivity by acknowledging the valuable contributions of individuals irrespective of gender. At B L Kashyap, a significant goal has been achieved in our ongoing campus placements. For the first time, we’ve had an equal number of shortlisted junior civil engineers, both men and women, from across India that has defied conventional norms. This dynamic shift reflects a changing societal and cultural mindset in a traditionally male dominated bastion of Civil Construction.

A milestone such as this, fuels our continued commitment towards equal opportunity based on merit and demonstrates our confidence in the substantial potential of women in the construction sector. Over time, we’ve observed a steady increase in female participation in civil engineering roles, with women leading the charge in design, planning, billing, contracts and today, even preferring to be part of execution on construction sites.” 

Shruti further added, “Our goal for 2024 at BLK, is to continue cultivating an inclusive atmosphere, forging a path towards a brighter, more equitable future where everyone, regardless of gender, can flourish and succeed. Change is on the horizon, and it’s unstoppable.”

The company’s decision to create a level playing field and equal opportunities, stems from observing female engineers’ competency, leading to a notable rise in their participation. This aligns with the changing perceptions of civil engineering, attracting top talent regardless of gender. The company is committed to providing merit-based opportunities.

B L Kashyap’s pioneering efforts in promoting gender equality serve as a beacon of inspiration for the engineering community and beyond. As the company continues to lead by example, it is paving the way for a more inclusive and diverse workforce, driving innovation and excellence in the infrastructure sector.


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