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At the World Indoor Championships, Devynne Charlton breaks the world record in the 60-meter hurdles to win gold

<p>On Sunday, March 3, Devynne Charlton became the global indoor champion by breaking the 60-meter hurdles world record for the second time in as many races.</p>
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<p>The 400,000-person nation of the Bahamas is less than a fifth the size of the Glasgow City area, home of the World Athletics Indoor Championships. The Bahamian cut 0.02 off the world mark she achieved in New York last month.</p>
<p>Days later, Tia Jones equaled that mark in the US championships, but with her incredible race in Scotland, Charlton is now alone.</p>
<p>The reigning Belgrade 2022 winner, France’s Cyrena Samba-Mayela, took silver this time around in 7.74, while Pia Skrzyszowska of Poland took bronze (7.79).</p>
<p>Afterward, Charlton said, “This means a whole lot because I have set myself goals.” “I’ve only made a few minor adjustments to my technique; other than that, I’ve been working very hard to maintain my mental health and have been seeing a sports psychologist. just looking after myself.”</p>
<p>Charlton’s winning run coincides with the fewer than five months until the Olympic Games in Paris in 2024.</p>

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