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In her most recent workout video, actress Ramya serves serious fitness goals

<p>Ramya, popularly known as Sandalwood Queen, is a Kannada actress who has been out of the limelight for a while. The epic fantasy movie Nagarahavu (2016) was her last role in the starring role. She hasn’t been in a movie since, with the exception of a self-playing cameo in Hostel Hudugaru Bekagiddare, since she became preoccupied with her political duties. With Raj B. Shetty directing and acting in Swathi Mutthina Male Haniye last year, she made her producing debut.</p>
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<p>Despite garnering favorable reviews, the film performed mediocrely at the box office. Despite Ramya’s prolonged absence from the big screen, her admirers are getting serious fitness ambitions from a new video of hers. An enthusiastic animal lover, Ramya, also known as Divya Spanadana, often posts photos of stray dogs on social media, yet we seldom see her there. A fan page posted a video of her working out in a tracksuit at the gym, which is a stark contrast to her typical saree-clad pictures.</p>
<p>Ramya may be seen trying pull-ups from a vertical bar in the footage. Pull-ups are a functional workout that primarily targets the back muscles even though they work out the complete upper body. You must use your own body weight to pull yourself up.</p>
<p>Supporters surmise that the actress is training for her next movie, Uttarakhand, which would be her eighth feature since her breakup. Supporters have noted that Ramya put on a few more pounds while taking a break from making movies, and that she is now in better form for her return. In addition, Ramya is a former member of parliament for the Mandya seat and a member of the Indian National Congress party.</p>

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