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Jeevan Dhara II: LIC Launches New Program on January 22; Learn About Eligibility And Additional Benefits

<p>The leading insurance company in India, Life Insurance Corporation of India (LIC), has unveiled Jeevan Dhara II, a new insurance plan that combines delayed annuity and savings.</p>
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<p>LIC disseminates the same information in a news release. This annuity plan is non-linked and non-participating. On January 22, 2024, LIC Jeevan Dhara II will be available for purchase both online and offline.</p>
<p>Qualifications for Jeevan Dhara II at LIC</p>
<p>The lowest age required to purchase a Jeevan Dhara II insurance is twenty years, and depending on the annuity option selected, the maximum age to enroll in the policy is eighty, seventy, or sixty-five years old, less a deferral term. There are eleven annuity choices accessible to policyholders, according to LIC. Furthermore, greater annuity rates at senior ages are provided for.</p>
<p>LIC Jeevan Dhara II’s features</p>
<p>under this case, life insurance coverage is offered while the policy is under moratorium.<br />
During the deferral period and while the insurance is in effect, there is a way to raise the annuity (also known as a top-up annuity) by paying an extra premium.<br />
The death claim may be accepted under the plan as a lump amount, annuity, or in installments. This plan also offers a liquidity option.<br />
Policyholders may benefit from LIC’s loan annuity options. Jeevan Dhara II</p>
<p>Regular Premium: There is a five- to fifteen-year deferral period.<br />
Single Premium: There is a one- to fifteen-year deferral period.<br />
Annuities for single life and joint life</p>

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