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The trailer and first look of Jennifer Winget and Karan Wahi’s courtroom drama “Raisinghani Vs. Raisinghani” have been released, and online users are praising the “iconic” pair

<p>Actors Karan Wahi and Jennifer Winget, who won over fans with their performance in “Dill Mil Gayye,” have teamed up once again. For their new TV program Raisinghani Vs. Raisinghani, the first teaser for which has been released, they got back together after a 14-year break. Fans are ecstatic with the show’s first appearance and are eager for it to premiere.</p>
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<p>The first glimpse of the forthcoming courtroom drama series Raisinghani v/s Raisinghani is shown in the latest ad.<br />
starring Sanjay Nath, Reem Shaikh, Karan Wahi, and Jennifer Winget. The television program depicts the lives of young attorneys with various philosophies and methods. The trailer also showcases Jennifer and Karan’s smoldering connection.<br />
The trailer depicted how the two run into one other at a large party and talk about their history. Anushka (Jennifer) asserts that they are too different to be together, despite Virat (Karan) suggesting that they give their romance another shot. After that, the two dance together. As soon as the trailer appeared, internet users complimented the actress on various social media sites.<br />
“Excuse me, Karan. I mean, Virat, this isn’t easy for me. This is something huge Babe,” a person said.The much-anticipated return of the one and only Jennifer Winget, along with her new program RaisinghaniVsRaisinghani, is finally here. “And they met again for the first time, to fall in love again,” wrote a different user. I’m seated because I know they’ll kill it, another person said, “OMG OMG OM..QUEEN IS BACK TO RULECHEMISTRY IS CHEMISTRIFYING I DON’T KNOW IF IT IS JUST ME.”</p>