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Emergency Rescue: A woman exposed to deadly gas is saved by an Apple Watch

<p>Reportedly, Apple Watch owners have often thanked the business for saving their lives in a range of circumstances, including when they fainted due to a medical condition or during a forest fire.</p>
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<p>Nasatka, a female student from Delaware, has now revealed her story of how she survived a terrible carbon monoxide exposure thanks to her Apple Watch. According to CBS News, she was exposed to carbon monoxide at her residence in Smyrna, Delaware.</p>
<p>According to a CBS News statement, Nasatka said, “I was feeling extremely exhausted.” She said, “My vision was getting fuzzy.”</p>
<p>Fortunately, Nasatka was able to reach for her Apple Watch and press SOS before she passed out from the fatal exposure, which prompted a 911 emergency call.</p>
<p>She soon heard the firemen, who came to her aid, after a while. Given the lethal consequences of carbon monoxide poisoning on the human body, it is possible that the lady would not have been able to call for aid if it weren’t for the Apple Watch.</p>
<p>The fire brigade later verified that the woman’s flat had an 80 parts per million (PPM) gas measurement, indicating that the unit was fully charged. According to the lady, this value was abnormally high and the leak was brought on by a malfunctioning heater—a common cause of leaks in the winter.</p>
<p>Related news: A Kentucky mother wrote in December of last year about how her Apple Watch had saved both her and her child’s lives. This lady, Veronica Williams, claimed that she was pregnant and that a high heart rate alert from her Apple Watch had saved her life. This made her call her doctor and request assistance.</p>

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