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Entrepreneurs’ Organization (EO) Gurgaon: Empowering Entrepreneurs Through a Culture of “Learn, Act, and Inspire”

Gurgaon and New Delhi, January 04, 2024 – Entrepreneurs’ Organization (EO) Gurgaon, a dynamic and flourishing chapter within the EO Nation, stands as an inspiration for entrepreneurial success, fostering an environment where young minds connect their potential. Founded in January 2016 by two visionary members returning from the USA, EO Gurgaon has flourished into a vibrant community of 119 high-performing entrepreneurs.

This year the ethos of EO Gurgaon revolves around the theme “Learn, Act, Inspire,” summarising a thoughtful philosophy guiding personal and professional growth. “Learn” signifies the continual pursuit of knowledge, essential for staying innovative and adaptable. “Act” represents the crucial step of turning acquired knowledge into action, creating tangible impacts. Lastly, “Inspire” symbolises the power to motivate others through shared experiences, ideas, and actions, fostering a cycle of growth and inspiration.

The journey of EO Gurgaon has been nothing short of remarkable. Emerging from humble beginnings with just 16 individuals, it has swiftly emerged as one of EO’s fastest-growing chapters globally. Today, it stands as a testament to youthful exuberance, fostering an environment where budding entrepreneurs find a haven to nurture their dreams.

Members of EO Gurgaon have experienced transformative changes through their involvement. Mr. Vipul Jain, President EO Gurgaon, reflected on his journey, stating, “Joining EO Gurgaon was a key in my journey as an entrepreneur. It is said, ‘it’s lonely at the top,’ and EO provided a platform where vulnerability met experience. Through forums and collective learnings, I found a structured space to address challenges, gaining insights crucial for personal and business growth.”

He highlighted the impact of EO in transforming decision-making and said “Interacting within EO transformed decision-making. In a confidential, non-judgmental space, diverse entrepreneurial experiences provided data for informed decisions. It is not just about gut feelings anymore; these are educated decisions supported by collective wisdom.”

Similarly, Mr. Gaurav Jhunjhunwala, Member EO Gurgaon said “Transitioning from diverse cultural experiences globally, EO Gurgaon became my anchor upon returning to India. Amidst struggles to find like-minded individuals and meaningful connections, EO emerged as a beacon of driven souls. This community catapulted my growth, both personally and professionally. From learning the art of tackling entrepreneurial hurdles to forging invaluable friendships, EO has been a foundation. The diversity within EO gifted me insights unimaginable within my industry, fostering new business lines and even steering me towards global funding opportunities. The invaluable lesson? Life is not classified; as entrepreneurs, our work intertwines with every side. EO taught me the art of seamless integration, enhancing both my personal and professional realms.”

Sharmilee Sagar, a EO Gurgaon member since2015, expressed deep gratitude for EO’s nurturing environment. “EO provided a sanctuary for my aspirations, fears, and hurdles. Surrounded by exceptional minds, I have grown profoundly—personally, professionally, and spiritually,” she shared. Sharmilee attributed EO for instilling discipline and wisdom in balancing life’s intricate tapestry.

“This community liberated me from chaos, guiding me towards methodical growth and nurturing my dreams into fearless realities. Through mentorship and companionship, EO not only moulded my business but sculpted me, instilling discipline, delegation, and the wisdom to balance life’s intricate tapestry.” Sharmilee Sagar 

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Mr. Vidur Nath, another EO Gurgaon member, described EO as a gateway to a universe of growth. “EO isn’t just about business—it’s a lifestyle—a testament to leading a fulfilling life in all its dimensions,” Mr. Nath remarked. He highlighted the exchange of ideas, the confidential space for discussing challenges, and the invaluable insights gained from mentorship events, all contributing to his personal and professional odyssey. 

“Mentorship events, a treasure trove of real-world solutions, have illuminated my path. And amidst business endeavours, EO taught me a lesson transcending the boardroom—how to nurture a balanced life. From workshops on parenting to boundary-setting for personal time, EO characterises holistic growth. EO is not just an organization; it’s a lifestyle—a testament to leading a fulfilling life in all its dimensions.” Mr. Nath added. 

EO Gurgaon’s commitment to empowering young entrepreneurs resonates in its mission. The chapter aims to amplify the potential of budding entrepreneurs by providing a nurturing platform. Through a continuous cycle of learning, action, and inspiration, EO Gurgaon Molds a community where success stories thrive.

The essence of EO Gurgaon extends beyond business discussions. It involves a diverse spectrum of workshops, forums, and events aimed at holistic growth. Members engage in sessions on parenting, habit coaching, self-discipline, and more, fostering a culture of balanced living—a rarity in entrepreneurial circles.

In short, EO Gurgaon shows how a caring group can make substantial changes happen. It is all about sticking together to learn, act, and inspire each other. This helps everyone become better entrepreneurs. EO Gurgaon is like a spark that lights up ideas for everyone involved.

About EO Gurgaon:

As a high-performing, young and exuberant Chapter of the internationally renowned organization EO Nation, EO Gurgaon works towards helping young minds achieve their entrepreneurial dreams. EO Gurgaon was founded in Jan 2016 by two members of the Entrepreneurs Organization from the USA, who had moved back to Gurgaon. They were looking for a group/organization where they could share experiences and learn from each other on how to grow their businesses in India.16 dynamic entrepreneurs got together to form EO’s chapter in Gurgaon. 

Over the years the brand has been one of the fastest-growing chapters globally and now has reached a strength of 119 members. This unique forum allows entrepreneurs a safe space to share their challenges with their peers and learn from each other. Together, a community of young entrepreneurs forms a reliable network of peers who embrace and celebrate each other’s diversity in various avenues of life.  The brand endeavours to give young entrepreneurs the right platform to explore the purview of their potential and equip them with the complete armour of resources and connections they require to achieve the pinnacles of success.

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