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Gulaabi Aankhein’s actions by Kapil Dev leave the internet stunned

<p>On January 6, 2024, the renowned Kapil Dev celebrated his 65th birthday. An old video of Kapil and his wife Romi dancing to the tune “Gulabi Aankhein” made the rounds on social media as fans sent their well wishes on the legendary cricket player’s birthday. Fans were enthralled by Kapil’s dancing skills in the video and widely shared the clip online. Seeing the guy who made the other team dance as he batted and bowled, along with some amazing routines in the fan-favorite video, was a welcome change of pace.</p>
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<p>Kapil, who in 1983 guided India to their first-ever ODI World Cup victory, expressed his desire to travel to the match alongside his colleagues.</p>
<p>“There, I wasn’t invited. I didn’t go since they didn’t call. Just like that. I believe because it’s such a major occasion and people are so busy with obligations, sometimes they forget to be there with me, as he told ABP news. I wanted the entire ’83 squad to be there with me.</p>
<p>After making his debut against Pakistan in 1978, Kapil was surprised with a party on Monday night by his pals. However, on Tuesday, the former skipper has no celebrations scheduled and would instead spend the day at home.</p>
<p>The all-rounder stated that his birthday desire was to see the Indian cricket team reach new heights this year. He, along with Bishan Singh Bedi and Sunil Gavaskar, was admitted into the ICC’s Hall of Fame last week.</p>
<p>Kapil, who finished his Test career with a record 431 wickets and 5,248 runs in 131 matches, is perhaps the finest all-rounder that India has produced. With 225 ODIs played, he amassed 253 wickets and 3,783 runs, an equally impressive one-day record.</p>