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Chris Gayle claims that his dream role would be one with Deepika Padukone after "Oh Fatima"

Chris Gayle is experimenting with the music video genre with “Oh Fatima,” his first-ever collaboration with singer-songwriter and music composer Arko Pravo Mukherjee, after his incredible run in the IPL.
The dashing Jamaican batsman and IPL big hitter has revealed his intention to launch a Bollywood career with Deepika Padukone (no less! ), and he is delighted with the reaction to “Oh Fatima.”
According to its creators, “Oh Fatima” is a one-of-a-kind fusion of two global aesthetics. The outcome is a “swoony, groovy and vibrant track” that is a foot-tapping frenetic song that combines Jamaican and Indian musical genres.
The song was sung, written, and arranged by Arko and Chris Gayle, with Rammjii Gulatii serving as the director. Karina Karra, an artist from Uzbekistan, is also featured.
Arko and Gayle, aka the “Universe Boss,” take you on a tour across the UAE with Fatima and her pals in the music video.
When introducing the song on Monday night, Gayle said: “My time with India and the IPL has been so amazing, and 'Oh Fatima' completes (my) natural love for music and singing. People all around the world will enjoy this song and the beautiful settings, excellent relationship, and fantastic work with Arko and the crew.
“Our goal is to bring the Indian music industry to a global platform,” said Arko. This passion is personified in the song “Oh Fatima.” Chris Gayle is a worldwide phenomenon, and both his music and the cricket field reflect his explosive personality.
What is Gayle's future plan, then? I'd want to perform alongside Deepika Padukone if I ever release a Bollywood music album, he stated. Would it be as simple as launching a six into the stands? Well, only time will tell on that.
The song is available on the official Arko channel.

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