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Why do you still go and work with them? Aditya Narayan questions musicians who complain about music companies taking advantage of them

Most vocalists these days often be heard complaining about how music companies take advantage of artists. Aditya Narayan Jha, a musician, criticises those who “criticise first and then go on to become a part of the same corporation.”
Toh aapne unke saath kaam kara hi kyun (music labels)? Unke ghulam kyu bane thhe aap ap? Due to the chances they were receiving, Pehle woh kuch nahi bole. Later, when an issue arises, negativity begins, he claims.
He asserts that a difficulty emerges when the majority supports a move but one artist objects, impeding the progress achieved up to that point. You undermine the work of 99 vocalists by doing that. Narayan laments, “Unka professionalism, unki ethics, sab barbaad ho jaati hai.
The singer also discusses the custom that later becomes standard of having 10 artists perform a song before it is finished.
“Who is responsible for it? Obviously, the vocalists who give up. Things would be drastically different if everyone put their foot down and said, “If you want me to sing the song, I will, or else I won't even come,” he adds.
When asked why he thinks there isn't more agreement in the music business, the singer cites need as the reason. “They use arguments like'main gareeb hoon, mere ghar par paisa nahi hai, yeh nahi gayega toh main gaa raha hoon kyuki mujhe paisa chahiye,' among others. And I believe that's reasonable. I am unable to push it any farther since I have never experienced a situation in which there was no food on the table. I haven't personally seen that level of poverty, therefore I can't speak for them. Mene wo gareebi nahi dekhi. But in the end, the whole industry suffers as a result.
Having said that, the singer of Ji Huzoor and Tattad Tattad claims he has no issues working with record companies. “It's what my father did, and that's how he succeeded. However, in order to do that, he and the label must find common ground, he adds.

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